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Aero-Marine Interline Tours and Cruises Inc. acts only as an agent providing tours and cruises exclusively for Working Airline Staff, their families, parents and airline retirees. Companion travel with the employee is permitted with nearly every cruise line and tour vendor. Companions are welcomed by most cruise lines if they share the cabin with the employee. 


Different Rules for Interliners

All interline products are promotional in nature. The supplier or vendor is giving something extra to the interliner, usually something beyond what he gives the general public. Aero-Marine products are offered to interliners only. They are not advertised to the general public. A different set of rules apply to interline bookings than to the general public. When you are on an interline tour or cruise you are there because of your airline employment. You are being privileged with an opportunity to enjoy extra benefits from your airline travel package. The opportunity to travel as an interliner is an extension of that airline benefit package. Thus you assume the identity of the airline you work for.  Your behavior reflects directly upon your airline.  Companions must be brought up to speed on this aspect of their travel.

Please never communicate the price you paid with other revenue persons on the same package. We need to keep our special benefits to ourselves before congress, once again, tries to tax us for them.

When to Book

Book as far in advance as possible.


To make any reservation (cruise or tour) a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX number is required to hold the space.  If your reservation is confirmed, but before payment is made, the cancellation fee is $60 to you credit card on file.  This is to cover our time and costs.  

Late Booking Fees

Short range clients require special attention which takes the agent out of the normal routine. Any tour booked during the period of less than 21 days before departure may have a surcharge. The fee will depend on the complexity of the tour booked, the time factor, whether or not we need to use FED EX etc. We will keep it as low as possible. In most cases the late fee is $40.  We are not trying to profit from late booking fees.  Payment for ALL bookings made within 21 days or less prior to departure must be in the form of certified check, bank checks, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Who May Book

Bookings can be made only by a recognized interliner, i.e. employee, spouse, parent or retiree. The person making the booking will be responsible to communicate all information given by telephone or letter with his or her guests. Once a person has become the booking interliner, Aero-Marine will only deal with that person who made the original booking both before and after the tour or cruise takes place. This will insure consistency. Those traveling with the booking interliner are to be considered guests of the booking interliner. A group of interliners must appoint one spokesperson who will remain that spokesperson for all matters pertaining to the package. In the event that the interline package is for an unaccompanied companion, the companion must be booked by the interliner and follow all the rules here outlined.

We need an original letter of verification from your airline (no photocopies). This letter must include your name, base, position, date of hire, and employee number and be signed by your supervisor. We also need one photocopy of your airline ID.

Family members traveling with you should be on the same letter. Names must appear as they do on your passport. We need letters of verification and copies of ID's for other interliners in your party.

Parents need to submit a similar original letter outlining the above and naming them as eligible parents. They also need to submit the photocopy of the employee ID. They should make a copy of both the original letter and photocopied ID to carry with them for identification.

Payment Procedure

You are responsible for the people for whom you booked. If they are paying Aero-Marine via separate checks direct, YOU must make sure that they indicate on the check memo line: w/(your name), tour/cruise, date of departure. For example W/Jones, Paris, Nov. 1 or your reservation number.

Payment for cruises can generally be done via any major credit card. We recommend this because if for any reason the cruise does not sail, the card company will help you in getting your money back immediately.

For Aero-Marine Fly Drive programs, the interliner may pay for the drive portion of their tour with a Gold Visa or Gold MasterCard. This may provide you with primary collision damage insurance abroad. You must personally call either Visa or MasterCard to check for yourself whether or not your card gives you this protection. For Visa call (800) 253-5664. For MasterCard call (800) 209-8000.

For all of Aero-Marine's tours and packages we accept personal checks except for late bookings (less than 21 days prior to departure). Visa , Mastercard, Discover, AMEX may also be used.

Aero-Marine requires a $300 deposit within one week of confirmation. Final payments are due in our office no later than 60 days prior to the cruise or tour departure date. We will not send reminder invoices.

Please read our cancellation policy before you book..

The prices listed on this website are valid for the dates specified and are subject to change at any time due to variations in currency exchange rates or other factors.  Aero-Marine is not responsible for typographical errors.  The prices are valid for qualifying interliners.



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 It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate frequently 
and that the prices provided above, can change at any time without notice.
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