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Ship  Departure Sail_Nights Originating Port Itinerary Inside Ocean View Balcony
JR 02/08/20 15 AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Australia_NZL_15N_AKL/SYD 1,200 1,500  
JR 02/23/20 15 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Australia_NZL_15N_SYD/AKL 1,200    
JR 03/09/20 15 AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Australia_NZL_15N_AKL/SYD 1,200 1,500 2,250
JR 03/24/20 18 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Reposition_18N_SYD/SIN     2,700
JR 04/11/20 15 SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE Exotic_Reposition_15N_SIN/DXB 1,125 1,500 2,250
JR 04/26/20 16 DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Europe_East_Med_16N_DXB/ATH 1,600 1,840 2,400
PR 01/20/20 15 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA So_America_15N_EZE/SAI   1,500  
PR 02/04/20 15 SAN ANTONIO, CHILE So_America_15N_SAI/EZE   1,500  
PR 03/02/20 21 BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA so_America_21N_EZE/LIM   1,155 1,470
PR 03/23/20 13 LIMA, (CALLAO) PERU Caribbean_13N_LIM/MIA   975  
PR 04/18/20 8 LISBON, PORTUGAL Europe_8N_LIS/BCN 1,455 1,735 2,015
PR 04/26/20 8 BARCELONA, SPAIN Europe_8N_BCN/ROM 1,455 1,735 2,015
PR 05/04/20 10 ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA), ITALY Europe_MED_10N_ROM/LIS 1,791 2,071 2,351
PR 05/14/20 10 LISBON, PORTUGAL ASIA_10N_LIS/STH 1,791 2,071 2,351
QS 01/31/20 10 CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Africa_10N_CPT     950
QS 02/10/20 10 CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Africa_10N_CPT     1,700
QS 02/20/20 26 CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Exotic_26N_CPT/DXB 2,080   4,420
QS 03/17/20 11 DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Exotic_11N_DXB     1,870
QS 03/28/20 17 DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Europe_Med_17N_DXB/ATH     1,360


JR - Journey
PR  - Pursuit
QS - Quest

***New Policy***
If your cruise fare goes lower and the cruise line allows the reduction, Aero-Marine will be charging a $30 processing fee per cabin to make the adjustment.  Even if a cruise credit is given the $30 processing fee will be charged.

Airline employees who are IATA/ARC appointed
Employees of Federal Express, DHL Worldwide Express, Airbourne Express and
United Parcel Service who are IATA/ARC appointed
Cruise Line employees, other than those who work for Royal Caribbean Cruises,
International employees of airlines
Employee's parents are eligible to sail without the employee. IN LAWS NOT PERMITTED
Retired employees of airlines currently in operation
An interliner may book separate cabins (up to a maximum of 3 per sailing date) as long as a qualified Interline employee, spouse, immediate dependant (children) or non dependant (parents, children) is occupying a berth in each of these cabins (the interliner must be traveling)
Length of Employment
Employee must be employed with the airline for minimum of (6) six months prior to making the bookings and work a minimum of 15 hours per week
Temporary, on-call intern and contract employees are NOT eligible

**Rate Disclaimer**
All rates shown are based on the current exchange rate.
 It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate frequently 
and that the prices provided above, can change at any time without notice.
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